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GEEWIN MATCHES, one of the world's leading modern manufacturers of safety matches manufacturer match box industry safety matches factory at Kovilpatti since 2006.

GEEWIN MATCHES develops, manufactures and sells quality product with market leading techniques. It is a unit of GEEWIN EXIM, where, is a group of company diversified in to various business activities makes it one of the reliable companies from India. Customers are welcomed to have an interaction and choose the product from Market leading knowledgeable experts who can make the market product price match.We are well-known safety matches suppliers our customers widely appreciate our high-quality products.

Geewinmatches one of the Leading Best Safety Matches Company in India. Exports Best Quality Cardboard,long matchsticks, Wax safety matches, Kitchen safety matches, and Veneer Safety Matches from India. We are leading safety matchbox manufacturer and growing exporter in the markets of Africa, Canada, Nigeria and Caribbean Countries.

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"It's not the first time we source from Asia, however it is the first time we source from India. In international purchases confidence and trust is essential. For this, quick answer and quick communication is even more important. Geewin Exim has given us this fluent communication and has given all the proper documents and references in order to show you are a professional and trustworthy company. For this reasons we decided to work with you in first instance.
To continue this business relationship many years, we would just like to add consistency in the product given. Thanks you very much for your support"

Mr. Rafael, Mexico

"The product turned out exactly how we would like them to be. We have evaluated every aspect and believe the quality is perfect in order to overtake this market. We really appreciate Geewin's attention to detail and quality and this is how we will be able to pass the sales of our competition."

Mr. Gilles, Haiti